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When Going Outside Without Fear Is A Challenge

The term ‘safety’ means different things to different people. For some, it is about feeling protected in the environment they are in. For others, it might pertain to their own fitness and that of their loved ones. For some more, it might be about keeping their skin protected from the effects of stress and pollution.

Whatever your concept of safety is, it is a given that being safe is important to you. Safety is broadly defined as the feeling of being protected from risk, danger or any injury. Did you know that personal safety and freedom is a fundamental right in this country? But in recent years, there has been a lot of discussion and debate about this right, most of it centred around women and children – do women have this right as much as men? And if they do, then why is it impinged upon over and over again, in different ways?

Women’s Safety – An Issue That Can No Longer Be Overlooked

From a young age, girls are conditioned to act a certain way, think and believe certain things, all in line with being a woman that fits in well with society’s ideals. While many parents are actively striving to raise their children, both boys and girls, without gender and role barriers, there are some things that most people don’t think women should learn about. For example, engaging in physical altercations with their peers. It is considered ‘unladylike’ for a girl to engage in fisticuffs, or arm-wrestling matches, or even landing punches on boys who provoke them.

But there is a pressing need for girls and women to develop some kind of strategy to ensure their personal safety in the public arena. We hear of so many cases of eve teasing, assault, battery, physical abuse and other horrors against women, that it is high time for all parents and society elders to wake up to the grim reality of our times: our girls and women need to learn to defend themselves, and the time to do it is now.

Join Hands With Hamam For Women’s Safety

Since the year 2017, skin care and personal hygiene brand Hamam has launched the #GoSafeOutside women’s safety campaign to promote the idea of safe skin and safe environments, wherever a woman may be. It seeks to start and facilitate conversation about the idea of women’s protection from harm in their daily lives. The campaign seeks to make women feel safe when they step outside their homes for study, work, sport or recreation.

As a step in this direction, Hamam discussed the idea of enrolling girls and young women in self-defense classes. Self defense is key to increasing women’s self-confidence and impart the knowledge about how to defend themselves against possible attack or assault. Above all, these classes tell women that far from being lesser mortals, they have the right to lead lives of dignity and self-respect, and hand out retribution if anybody invades their personal space.

Should You Enrol Your Daughter In Self Defense Classes?

All young children, and especially girls in today’s scenario, need to be aware of how to protect themselves by means of concerted defense. You must certainly enrol your daughter in women’s safety classes that teach some form of martial arts, meditation, sharpen their mental skills, improve reflexes and make them confident human beings. Above all, these classes bring home the idea that women have as much right as anybody else to explore the world and be themselves without the threat of harassment or assault.