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Skin care stories of women for whom hiding from the sun is not an option

We’re all guilty of falling behind on proactively caring for our skin, at some point in time or other. While most of us can get away with a lazy skincare routine, some of us really can’t.

Who, you ask?

Those, with professions that tend to be extra harsh on their skin due to regular exposure to sun and pollution. For these hustlers, the only way to prevent damage, is to take adequate precaution.

All in a day’s work

We spoke to Jasveen Kaur, who is an Assistant Director, about what her idea of the perfect skincare routine is. Owing to the demanding nature of her job, stress is the main enemy of her skin. Kaur shared with us that she uses a mix of aloe vera gel and water as her daily face cleanser to tackle any skin problem that may arise. She also ensures wearing a sunscreen at least 15 to 20 minutes before stepping out.

When it comes to choosing skincare products, she says, “I prefer traditional ingredients because they are a relatively safer and a natural way to protect our skin. Cosmetic ingredients, when used over time, can cause allergies or do more damage than good. That’s definitely not the case with natural ingredients. 

You would think that a banking job would ensure that you stay indoors and remain unaffected by the ravage that daily exposure causes to the skin. However, that is not always the case!

Vaishali Sheth, a private banking professional confesses that in addition to being on top of her banking and finance game, her job demands that she stays on top of her skincare routine as well.

With a job wherein she has to travel all over the city to meet clients, Sheth states that maintaining her skin becomes imperative for her. She admits, “My skin is exposed to a lot of dust and sun, and it is extremely difficult to follow a skincare regime. So, I keep my skin hydrated by having a minimum of 10 glasses of water every day, splashing my face and neck with water during intervals between meetings and using an herbal cleanser.

Another gem of an advice came from Ankita Upadhaya, who is a full-time sale executive by profession and travel blogger by passion. She stays on the road most of the weekdays and often goes for camping and treks over the weekends. She reveals using neem leaves in her bathing and washing water when backpacking in remote places as they’re usually easily available, and guarantee disinfection. When asked about her skincare routine, Upadhaya said, “I don’t do much, but I never skip sunscreen. I never sleep with make-up on and always wash my face with cold water before going to bed. If at all I pack products while on the go, I look for natural ingredients and their essential oils, like neem or lemon.” She adds, “It is just safer. You know it won’t mess you up even if it doesn’t magically make you perfect looking, which I think is more important!” Understandably, reliability is the keyword for Upadhaya.

The right skincare routine

The basic rule all these women follow, is picking their ingredients carefully. While Kaur relies on Aloe to maintain her glowing skin and keep it hydrated, Upadhaya relies on neem to ensure that she can #GoOutsideSafe anytime, anywhere.

Finding a natural ingredient that works for you is a good thumb-rule to follow.

Take cues from these women who do not let the stress of skin care add to their daily grind. Find that one product that marks all your checkpoints – natural ingredient, budget, ease of daily use and make it your own!

Neem, for example, is unarguably the safest bet for all skin types. It is also one of those ingredients that fit all budgets. If you don’t think you can justify the price-tag-to-usage-frequency of 100 percent pure neem oil, opt for Hamam instead. It comes with 100% pure Neem oil along with Tulsi and Aloe Vera, all of which give effective protection from 10 major skin problems like rashes, pimples, body odour, etc. Now, no more excuses!