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Should your teenager be using beauty products?

Your little cherub has suddenly metamorphosed from a gawky adolescent into a lovely teenager. You take pride in her rapidly growing height, her glowing tresses and her sudden interest in dressing up well and looking good. Then begin the requests for cosmetics and beauty products and you balk. Isn’t it all a bit too soon? Your petulant teenager definitely doesn’t think so. So what do you do?

The answer lies somewhere between outright refusal and complete giving in, and in your own ability to sift the good from the bad.

Here’s a quick guide to help you identify products that can help your teenager look and feel good, without compromising on the health of their skin.

Beauty products versus skin care products

Slick television commercials lead young minds to believe that the cosmetics on offer are the elixir they need to get perfect face and hair.

Nothing can be further from the truth. This, however, we learn only as we grow.

Most commercial products are laden with synthetic compounds that offer a short term glow and bounce, but come with well concealed side effects.

Instead, products that are infused with natural ingredients like pure neem oil, tulsi and aloe vera nourish without disturbing the pH balance of young skin. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of tulsi and neem combined, help in warding off skin breakouts and in maintaining a youthful glow that lasts longer.

Trust in the traditional

Chemical cosmetic products designed to eliminate pimples or combat body odour instantly often contain harsh ingredients. Add to these, an ever expanding range of beauty products offering to lighten skin, lips and brighten eyes in a manner often entices the teenager. But these can also harm their young skin in the long run, given the chemical composition.

These quick results might appeal to the teenager forever in a hurry to look good but this is where mother’s wisdom comes in.

While it is acceptable to allow your child to use some of these products for an occasional party, you should help her understand that regular use of such cosmetics can only harm her skin in the long run.

A naturally glowing skin, achieved with the use of long trusted products like Hamam, that’s infused with 100% pure neem oil, tulsi, and aloe vera, is an asset that your teenager can rely on her whole life.

For days when she insists on something extra, a turmeric-besan-milk pack will bring the additional glow to her face that no cosmetic can. Our grandmothers and mothers have been using products like aloe vera and neem for their healing and nourishing properties for centuries now. It’s time you passed on the wisdom to your own teenager as she stands on the brink of womanhood.

Help her redefine the meaning of “beauty products” and awake in her the confidence #GoSafeOutside with or without cosmetics.