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Self Defence for Self-Confidence: 5 Things to Know

In the wake of several incidents of women being attacked, molested or targeted in public places or even inside purported ‘safe’ places like hostels and homes, the issue of women’s personal safety has once again come front and centre.

Despite the public outcry over incidents like the Nirbhaya case and the recent Hyderabad case, society at large seems to have learnt little about respecting women and their personal space. Crimes against women and little girls continue unabated, though there is a rise in the numbers of women hitting back and getting legal recourse in certain cases.

As your little girl grows up into a strong woman of tomorrow, you fear for her safety and peace of mind. You worry that some harm may befall her, and that she may be unable to take care of herself. But instead of letting this fear consume you, you should enrol her in a women’s self-defence class. Here are 5 reasons why self-defence is important for your daughter’s self-confidence, and women’s safety in general:

  • It keeps the mind sharper. Self-defence classes teach various moves to block, defend and attack when needed. This leads to good physical conditioning, which improves the reflexes. Being aware of the extent of the attack helps her sharpen her own responses, and this clarity is essential to deal with the situation rather than letting adrenaline take over and prompt a flight from the scene.


  • It makes the body stronger. With regular conditioning and exercise, combined with training to deal with a multitude of situations, your daughter becomes physically stronger. The knowledge that she has the physical strength to hit back, overthrow an attacker, go for the attacker’s weaker points, are important tools in her arsenal. With a stronger body, she can have a stronger mind and less fear about hitting back.


  • It teaches her about physical and mental balance. It is not enough to have the will or the strength to fight back when the need arises. Self-defence for women is all about balancing the body and mind while protecting yourself. She cannot throw a punch or land a headlock effectively if she is teetering on her feet, or about to lose her balance. At the same time, she cannot block or defend 100% if her mind is fogged with doubt and fear.


  • It teaches her to be aware of her surroundings. Unfortunately, evil lurks in the most unexpected places. While your daughter cannot step out looking over her shoulder all the time, being aware of her surroundings is a big plus. Women’s safety is all about being sensitive to any changes in the environment, noticing at once if somebody is watching you covertly, or if there are unwelcome advances in a crowded area. Self-defence for women teaches your daughter to become a keen observer and react swiftly in case of danger.


  • It teaches self-respect. Too often, despite women being the victim of an assault, they are blamed by society for ‘provoking’ the attack in some way. This is detrimental to one’s self-respect. Women’s safety will come about only when women undergo self-defence classes which teach them to respect themselves first. They teach women to not take any threat lying down. These classes also teach restraint – self-defence is not about attacking or hurting, but about defending themselves and striking back only upon provocation. This is an important lesson in self-discipline as well.


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