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A Brief Guide On Neem Oil And Its Many Benefits

What is Neem Oil?


There are several vegetable oils in the world, and neem oil is just one of them. It is pressed out from the fruits and seeds of neem tree. It has a lot many benefits. Many people from across the world use it. Even when the smell of neem oil can be overpowering, the harsh odour also brings about added benefits. Neem oil is very high in concentration of fatty acids and many other nutrients that are useful to us.

The scientific name of neem tree is Azadirachta Indica, and it belongs to the mahogany family. It is found in abundance in countries of India and Sri Lanka. Neem oil production has become a massive business. Neem oil is used for a better skin and also better hair by people around the globe.

The colour of the neem oil varies depending on how many days it has been soaked in water. Along with the harsh odour, neem oil also has bitter taste. Neem oil is extracted by different methods, and the ways of extracting it effect its composition.

From being used as a cosmetic to pesticide, neem oil has a lot many uses. It is an original ayurvedic product. But then again, neem oil of a certain concentration or when used under certain conditions can have toxic effects on the body. Hence one should use neem oil carefully as at times it can also be fatal.

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History of Neem Oil


The history of the good old neem oil goes back many years. Neem derives its name from a Sanskrit word “nimbi” that means “one which bestows of good health”. Neem has its mentions in the Vedas. It has been known for ages because of its incredible healing qualities. There are many Indian legends and myths surrounding the tree and people in India also consider it to be a sacred tree. The neem tree symbolizes protection and good health.

From being a shade in the harsh sun to repelling all kinds of harmful insects, neem has been proving its worth time and again. Neem oil is extracted from neem plant. This tree bears small-sized white flowers and greenish-yellow coloured fruits. Oil, after extraction, is used for various purposes. Neem oil for skin is pretty beneficial. Also, it can have all sorts of concentrations depending on its usage. It is not very harsh, and often comes with lesser toxic levels. A lot of people use neem oil for skin problems.


Neem Oil Benefits


Neem oil has countless benefits. Here are a few:

  • For Hair growth: There are many ways in which we can use neem oil for hair. High in fat content, neem improves the quality of your hair. If your scalp is dry, use neem oil as it nourishes the scalp, and its antifungal agents remove dandruff from your hair. Adding a few drops of neem oil for hair repair can end up boosting the quality of your hair. Using neem oil can help you get a healthier scalp, which in turn helps one to have more robust locks.


  • Skin benefits: Our skin absorbs vitamins, fatty acids and calcium present in neem oil leaving the skin rejuvenated and fresh. Your skin gets nourished with every usage, and you end up getting soft and supple skin after several uses. Neem oil even reduces ageing of skin and early wrinkles.


  • Keeping away bed bugs: Bed bugs can be annoying and uncomfortable to deal with. Neem oil is a major tool which can help control bed bugs.


  • Organic insecticide: Neem is a natural insecticide, which means it will not cause harm to your skin, but in return, it will add benefits of shooing away unwanted bugs. Even though absolute riddance from insects may not be achieved, but a regular application can lead to reduction of such pests.


  • Fight diseases: Deadly diseases like malaria can be prevented if neem oil is used. Mixing neem oil with coconut oil and then applying it all over the skin can help one repel mosquitoes for up to twelve hours.


Neem Oil for Skin


As mentioned above, organic neem oil has a lot of beneficial properties for skin, let us see some more on uses of neem oil for skin. Curing dry skin and reducing wrinkles are just two of the very many uses of organic neem oil.

Apart from this, organic neem oil can be used to heal wounds, hike up the production of collagen in your skin and even reduce stubborn scars. If you are having trouble with your skin and it keeps breaking out all the time, use some organic neem oil to get rid of acne and lower the chances of warts appearing on your skin.

Organic neem oil has added benefits of faster processes of healing any wounds.  It helps you get clearer, smooth skin that glows naturally without artificial ingredients.

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Neem Oil for Hair


Neem oil uses do not just end here; there are benefits in using neem oil for hair too. Neem oil treats the scalp and thereby promotes the growth of healthier hair. Neem oil also helps with hair loss. While you might think there is a limited scope of neem oil for hair uses, but you might get surprised on learning that neem oil is also used for treating lice.

No one likes lice, and one of the many neem oil uses is killing lice! Because of its antioxidant properties, neem oil can even help to treat a disease called scalp psoriasis. Use a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner every time you wash your hair for better results.

Dating back to the days of the Vedas and having mentioned in ancient texts, neem oil has a very dynamic history. From being used in its raw form to getting used in companies mixing neem oil in their products, it has been a part of a long journey. Many companies use neem oil to mix in their products for neem oil benefits. Neem oil for acne is good, no doubt, but giving in the wrong concentrations might end up harming your skin. Even when you know that you can use neem oil for acne, consider consulting a doctor beforehand to ensure the dosage level. Using neem for acne can do wonders and so, using neem for acne has become so common these days.

The many neem oil benefits make it the king of oils. It suits variety of skins. Look up how to use neem oil before you start using it. Being a very pocket-friendly and easy to use product, the use neem oil for acne and other problems is common among Indians. As we can decipher, neem oil has many benefits, and as it is so easy to use, it has grown in its popularity in the market.