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Neem It: The Best Weapon for Healthy Skin

It is one of India’s oldest medicinal substances. Neem is useful in a variety of forms – bark, leaves, seeds and fruit. Neem seed oil is used in soaps; they are the focus of this article.

What Is Neem Oil Soap?

As the name suggests, it is soap that uses neem oil as one of its chief ingredients. The soap uses neem oil pressed from the neem seed, while other herbal ingredients are added to retain the oil’s efficacy. A mild perfume and foaming agents are also added to the soap. It can be used on facial skin and the scalp, unlike other soaps available for sale.

The soap has several benefits for your skin health, as illustrated below.

Neem oil: Your Most Potent Weapon for Healthy Skin

The best part of using neem soap is that every person, from teens to senior citizens, can use it to their advantage. It maintains the suppleness and collagen-renewing properties of healthy skin, while correcting impurities, improving texture, reducing acne and also eliminating several skin disorders for problem skin.

Consider these important benefits of using neem oil soap for your skin:

  • Remove microbial and fungal infections: The primary cause of acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, is the presence of microbes on the skin. These cause acne outbreaks, and may even alter the repair and renewing dynamics of skin cells. Improve your skin health by using Hamam soap in the bath, twice a day.


  • Calm redness and scarring caused by acne: The bigger problem with developing acne is that it leaves scars and redness on the skin. The astringent and aspirin properties of neem oil soap eliminate these problems by far. The redness is soon reduced significantly, while the skin texture improves and smoothens out the scarring.


  • Soothes dry, irritated skin: The antioxidant quercetin is present in neem oil soap. It is an antihistamine, which is beneficial in the treatment of allergies. Specifically, it soothes dryness and irritation of the skin owing to conditions like eczema, psoriasis, ringworm or sunburn. It makes the redness and swelling disappear within just a few uses.


  • Moisturise in cold weather: You would normally not reach for a soap bar to moisturise your skin – but you can use Hamam soap for hydrating and locking in moisture when the weather turns cold. When used as a fattening agent in soap, neem adds a protective layer on the skin that locks in moisture and provides hydration. So, if you suffer from dry skin or are looking for a simple method to moisturise your skin, just find it in the shower!


  • Remove painful bumps: Have insect or bed bug bites left angry bumps on your skin? Just use neem oil soap twice a day to reduce the itching and help the bumps subside. Its anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in removing the redness and swelling left behind by the bite.


How to Buy The Right Neem Oil Soap

Most people looking for neem oil soap are under the (mistaken) impression that the soap will largely comprise neem oil, with a small proportion of other ingredients. Most soaps available in the market have, on the other hand, just a tiny proportion of neem oil.

When you buy a good quality soap comprising neem, you must study the package for its composition of ingredients. If it lists 20% to 40% neem oil, then the soap is worth buying. However, it is better to look for reputed brands like Hamam soap to get the best results.