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Natural Beauty Tips for Smooth Skin and Shiny Hair

Spotless skin may seem like a far-fetched dream. You need to invest a substantial amount of time every day to stay beautiful. You got to apply your sunscreen regularly, and remain religious to your skincare—cleansing, toning and moisturizing—routine.

Is pigmented, patchy or acne-prone skin a reality of your life? Are you tired of following unnecessary skincare routines for getting beautiful skin? Maybe it’s time to turn back and give your granny’s advice a thought and turn towards timeless, natural beauty tips.

But before you delve into any natural beautification procedures, note that it takes time for them to work.


Skincare Tips for Smooth Skin

Homemade skin care products beat expensive cosmetics any day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are effective natural ingredients to get fair and beautiful skin. Face masks, face lotions, and creams made from natural products can bring a natural glow to your face.


Below are some natural beauty tips waiting for you:

  • Banana facial: Say tata to salon facials. Bananas have lots of potassium, and therefore they are moisture-rich. The banana mask will moisturise your dry skin and make it supple.


  • Apple cider vinegar for breakouts: Apple cider vinegar is fantastic for use as a skin toner. Use the natural toner to reduce and heal your skin breakouts. It mattifies your skin by reducing oil and shine on it.


  • Water for cleansing: Water is one essential component of facial cleansing. It is for many the secret to their glowing skin.


  • Tomato for skin: The tomato juice is an excellent alternative to use against your skincare problems. You can either apply its juice or rub a slice of red tomato on your face. Wash it after it dries. Regular use of tomato helps reduce wrinkles on your face.


  • Papaya face pack for exfoliation: While many exfoliators contain ingredients that are harsh on the skin, papaya contains papain. It is a natural enzyme that helps to exfoliate the skin and make it smooth and soft. Unripe papayas are the most beneficial as they have higher amounts of papain.


  • Orange and curd face pack for dull skin: The city life makes the skin look dull. Oranges are the best answer for restoring your skin to its natural state. Vitamin C in Orange is a fabulous skin tonic. Curd is a good moisturiser. When together, orange and curd easily fight wrinkles, fine lines, and skin discoloration.


  • Gram flour for skin whitening: Gram flour is used as a facial cleanser to get glowing and whitening skin. It also helps remove acne and hair from your face. Mixing some salt in the gram flour will make the paste even better.


  • Almonds for lips: To remove blackish layer on your lips, use almonds. Grind them in water and add a saffron leaf to the mixture. Apply the paste on your lips and rub it off after ten minutes.


  • Cold tea bags for puffy eyes: Got puffy eyes? We might have a solution. Tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants. It is thus used even on the outside to reduce puffiness, and treat dark circles & undereye bags with ease.

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Natural Beauty Tips for Shiny Hair

Who doesn’t desire long, thick and lustrous hair? But getting in the way of it is your everyday exposure to pollution, dirt, and dust. Chemically induced products available in the market do more harm than good. So then, how do you overcome such problems and keep your hair strong and healthy? Below are a couple of tips on the same:


  • Olive oil for dry hair: Olive oil contains terrific beautifying powers. Bad hair day will be a thing of past with an olive oil bottle in your purse. It includes an essential hair care ingredient. Its fantastic hair conditioning properties are beneficial, especially for people with dry hair.


  • Lemon juice for itchy scalp: If your scalp is starting to itch oftentimes, it may be due to the climate change or your increasing stress & poor diet. Well, here’s the solution—fresh lemon juice with olive oil and water can work wonder for your itchy scalp. While lemon juice removes dry skin flakes, olive oil helps moisturise your scalp.


So, figure out which skin care tips and natural beauty tips work the best for you to get naturally smooth skin and thick shiny hair.