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Magical phrases for raising confident children

Parents are the first role models for children. As toddlers grow into teenagers, their social circles widen but their primary sources of inspiration and comfort remain the same. Many teens withdraw into a shell simply because they find it hard to communicate with their parents.

Here’s where positive parenting can help.

You can reach out to your teen by being more involved in her daily life. Start by encouraging her with positive phrases that, in time, will give her the confidence to confide in you.

“You can do it!”

Show your belief in your child’s capabilities and potential. Instead of saying “Are you sure you can handle that?” or “I don’t think you should try that “, be positive in your tone and choice of words.By showing that you are confident that she can do whatever she has set her heart on, you can help her reach higher.

“You make me PROUD!”

Even small achievements need to be lauded with this compliment once in a while. Let her know you appreciate her efforts and successes. This will inspire her to do even better.

“No matter what happens, I love you”

There are times when she reaches for the stars but falls short. That is when she needs the reassurance of your love more than usual. She needs to know that you have her back, regardless of the outcome of her efforts.

“That sounds great! Tell me more”

A shy teenager may feel hesitant about sharing new ideas or trifling successes. Just noticing her efforts and asking her to elaborate can be a great confidence booster.

“Want to hear a story?”

It’s not enough to lend an ear. It’s also important to share your own stories and experiences from your growing years. Tell her about the times you aimed high and failed, of the times a bad hair day or unwarranted skin breakout didn’t dim your determination. Teenagers are often reluctant to ask for these stories, but they do learn from them.

“It’s okay to make mistakes”

The best way to put some balm on a teenager’s hurt ego is to reassure her that growing up entails taking risks, pushing limits, and experimenting. Let her know it is alright to fall and get hurt but that it is more important to pick oneself up, dust off the failures and start afresh. Let her sense of self-esteem grow with every challenge and accomplishment.

“You can say NO!”

As a parent to a brave daughter, you need to let her know that she owns her body. Tell her that she is entitled to turn down uninvited advances with a firm NO. Teach her that it is very much within her right to #GoSafeOutside every hour of every day. Also, let her know that you are always there for her if she ever needs someone to talk to.

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself”

Confidence comes from within, but it to tell a child that it’s perfectly okay to forge your own identity in a world ruled by herd mentality. Encourage your teen to think independently, question norms, and chart her own path. Years later, she will thank you for being her pillar in the formative phase of her life!

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