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How to Use Neem Oil for Better Skin

The neem tree occupies a special place in the hearts of us Indians. Since time immemorial, neem has been used in various forms to prepare both topical and internal medication, to keep pests away humanely, and to prepare unguents for beauty and skin care. Neem oil, in particular, has been extensively used in several home-based remedies for skin and hair issues.

Hamam incorporate neem oil in their soaps, to offer an easy use of this versatile substance in daily life. Using neem soap form helps keep several skin and scalp issues at bay, while preventing potential problems in the future. Many people also use neem oil in its raw form to help combat many skin disorders and maladies.

Consider some of the ways in which you can use neem oil for healthy, supple skin:


  • For supple, ageless skin:

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles indicates that your skin has begun the aging process. But neem oil can slow down the effects of aging. The oil is loaded with alkaloids, fatty acids, and sterols like stigmasterol and campasterol. These offer rapid skin cell repair, increased collagen production and hydration. The result is smooth, supple skin that defies your biological age.


  • Reduce dryness:

Some people have dry skin, which becomes wrinkled and taut much faster than other skin types. It needs constant hydration to retain its glow and good health. Apart from drinking about one litre of water every day, you can apply cold pressed neem oil directly to the dry skin. The oil is rich in Vitamin E, carotenoids, calcium and triglycerides. These substances offer hydration and go deep into the skin’s tissues to seal minor fissures that lead to wrinkles and tightness.


  • Heal skin disorders like acne, Athlete’s Foot and eczema:

Modern medicine has few answers to offer skin conditions like Athlete’s Foot, eczema, psoriasis and even adult acne. But ancient Ayurveda has already cracked these skin puzzles with neem oil. The oil is rich in phytochemicals like triterpenoid and azadirachtin. These offer curative properties that increase the oil’s medicinal output. When applied with another base oil like coconut, or mixed with coconut milk or cream, the oil reduces these disorders and offers relief from sores and itching.


  • Treats acne scars:

Some forms of acne are quite stubborn. The bumps on the skin do not recede quickly, and when they finally go, they leave discoloured scars on the skin. You can apply cold neem oil to the scars for a few weeks and have the scars disappear entirely. The oil is loaded with fatty acids that aid removal of the discolouration by speeding up cell renewal and locking in hydration.


  • Conditions the skin:

The skin is the biggest organ of your body. Just like the other organs must be in good health, so must the skin. Any internal upsets are reflected on the skin in a trice. Keep your skin in good health by applying neem oil to condition it daily. Massage in circular motions till the oil is absorbed, and do not rinse the skin later. The massage opens up the pores and boosts blood circulation, thus allowing the oil to seep in deep into the tissues. Apart from conditioning, the oil offers deep toning and moisturising properties as well. Alternatively, you can use Hamam soap in the bath for a daily dose of neem’s goodness on your skin.

How do you use neem in your daily beauty regimen? We hope these tips help you get the healthy skin you always hoped for.