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How to train yourself to always step out with confidence

Today, women are better geared to take on the world – on your own terms – thanks to better career opportunities, improved levels of education and an extraordinary sense of self-awareness.

Ironically, society moves slower.

Danger continues to lurk in crowded trains, lonely lanes, and bustling markets.

How then can you make sure that your style isn’t cramped and your freedom to move about in the world isn’t compromised?

Below are a few pointers for boosting your confidence to #GoSafeOutside –

  • Presence of mind is the hardiest weapon of them all. Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Carrying a pepper spray in your bag can itself act as a major confidence booster.


  • Raising your voice as soon as an alarm bell rings is your best bet into scaring off a predator. Bullies and rowdies are often men who prefer to pester women they perceive as soft targets. Don’t hesitate to confront those who stalk, whistle, and ogle. Do not be afraid to report them to the police.


  • But the best weapon in any girl’s arsenal today should be at least one defensive training technique. You may not have to use it all the time, but the fact that you are equipped and ready to take on unwanted advances can give you that confidence to #GoSafeOutside, independent of fear.


School or College girls who take up such trainings can confidently go out to their classes and hang out with friends with a sense of confidence to deal with any kind of bullies.


If you are a career woman, or aspire to be one, late night shifts will stop being a cause for concern if you are equipped with the knowledge of having the capability to defend yourself. Catching a late movie after work or dinner with colleagues will not require second guessing.

Even for housewives, the daily chores, the visits to crowded markets, the unwanted male gaze in banks and supermarkets, can be easier to manage.

You no longer need to wait to be chaperoned to be able to run your own life effectively.

Indian women are pushing their own limits and raising the bar with each passing day. What better way than to be trained in self-defence to add to your rising confidence? Take cue from Hamam’s efforts to give Indian mothers and daughters arms to #GoSafeOutside and to be braver every day!