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How to Tell If You Need To Use Neem Oil

Many of us experience problems with our skin or hair at some point in time. Stress, pollution, lack of deep sleep at night, erratic diets and busy lifestyles, even genetic factors, may contribute to these problems. However, you might wonder if there is a cure – there is, in the form of neem oil, which you can use if:


  • If you have fine lines and wrinkle: You are biologically not old enough to qualify for skin that is wrinkled and tired. But your skin has already started betraying you, by showing premature signs of aging. There are fine lines around your eyes and the laugh lines around your mouth are getting deeper. You are worried about looking old before your time. You should include neem oil in your beauty regimen. Rich with Oleic acids, it boosts the production of collagen in the skin and makes the skin tissues plumper, thereby reducing fine lines. Meanwhile, it aids faster skin cell renewal and repair, making the skin appear fresher and younger.


  • If you have oily, dull skin: Try as you might, there is simply no way to beat the perennially oily sheen your skin has. The excess oiliness gives rise to pimples, acne and constant dullness. You try different face washes, toners and astringents, but these work for only some time. In hot and humid weather, your skin’s oil glands become even more active, causing more acne breakouts. Instead of beating yourself up about it and trying different combinations of chemically-enhanced skin care products, you should try neem oil in carrier form. It contains stearic acid, which reduces enlarged pores, calms the sebaceous glands and imparts a fresh glow to the skin.


  • If your hair is dull and falling out: Your hair has lately acquired a personality of its own – and it’s not a likeable one! It is dull, limp and prone to breakage. Worse, you have phases of dandruff which make the scalp itchy and inflamed. You try massaging coconut oil into your scalp and getting regular hair spa treatments – all to no avail. But just when you begin to feel that your hair will never recover its glorious sheen and strength, just add neem oil to your hair car regimen. It contains stearic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. Collectively, these strengthen the hair follicles and reduce breakage. Meanwhile, the scalp is hydrated and cleansed, resulting in stronger roots, elimination of dandruff, and glossier hair.


  • If you have reddish acne scars: Acne is the worst thing to happen to the skin. It is not painful or permanent, but it disfigures your pretty visage. Worse, it may leave scars that are difficult to get rid of. Most forms of adult acne leave scars and blemishes on the skin, if not visible pits. The red blemishes and pits leave you embarrassed and despairing of ever recapturing the smooth skin you used to have. You can use neem oil with other substances like turmeric, honey and milk to form a salve. Apply it over the affected areas of the skin and leave it on for an hour before washing with cold water. Regular application of this salve will improve your skin texture and reduce pitting and blemishes, when the Vitamin E and carotenoids in the neem oil get to work at the cellular level.


If you cannot source raw neem oil, you should simply opt to use Hamam soap. Rich in pure neem oil, Hamam offers a range of skin and hair care benefits that you can take advantage of every day in the shower.