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How to prep your kids for challenges of college life?

Letting the young ones fly away from the nest is never easy. To parents, kids seem to grow up in a jiffy. Barely are the challenges of coping with their childhood illnesses and accidents over, when the adolescent pressures of higher education, college, first-jobs etc. start looming.

Luckily for many Indians, college life doesn’t always mean a life away from home.

Whether your child is planning to study in a college in another city or plans to stay at home to attend college, you will need to equip them with tools that help them stay on top of the game.

Here are a few ways in which you can help them prepare for college life:

  • Exams – Talk to them about the stress that examination time can bring on, and impress upon them the importance of eating right and eating on time. Sleep schedules often go for a toss during exam times, and they need to find a balance between putting in extra study hours and getting adequate sleep.


  • Money matters – It’s never enough. Kids will start needing money to pay for outings, friends’ birthdays and college projects. You will have to teach them how to manage within budgets, streamline their expenses and possibly how to save for a rainy day. This is a good lesson that will come in handy in their future adult life as well.


  • Teenage woes – Fresh into college, they will deal with problems like acne, a typical teenage concern that can cause self-esteem issues. How about stressing on the need for regular cleansing, choosing natural ingredients over chemical hacks, and mindful personal hygiene. Teach them to trust traditions and equip them with products like Hamam that nourish and nurture naturally.


  • Distractions – These will appear in the form of parties, outings, weekend getaways with friends, and nowadays, a seemingly limitless engagement on social media. They are stepping into the real world for the first time, and it’s important that they log into their safety instincts to #GoSafeOutside. Kids who are well versed in at least one self-defence technique would also be better equipped to handle the challenges of the world.


  • Time management – Juggling academic pressures with time for friends can be difficult for some. You can help them set up time tables that ensure they divide their time reasonably for other activities while focusing on their studies.


  • Homesickness – Young people living away from home for the first time will take time to adapt to the hostel life. Keep your communication lines open all the time, encourage your child to talk about problems but also encourage them to explore and find their own solutions to daily problems.


Children are bound to be independent someday, you must prepare them to face the challenges of the real world and then be sure it’s going to be a smooth ride!