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Ever wonder, how mom’s lessons helped you grow up to be brave and beautiful?

In childhood, they are your cushion and during the teens, your punching bag. It takes years for us to realise that our mothers set up challenges only so that our achievements exceed our dreams.

Think back to those years when you disagreed with all she said, grumbled and rebelled, only to realise that it was those exact things that make you strong and beautiful today – inside and out.

  • Teaching you to stand-up for yourself by refusing to complain against the “bad” kids at school – She refused to talk to the bully who made life hell for you, and asked you to fight back. It wasn’t easy, but helped you become super confident in tackling tough situations through life.


  • Helping you be financially independent by making you run errands for pocket money – She refused to hike your pocket money and instead offered to pay you for errands. At the time, it felt like an imposition, but the importance of being financially independent, hit you only later in life.


  • Making you use public transport to encourage you to be brave, so you can #GoSafeOutside – You fumed when she insisted that you take the train to college. Little did you realise that she was helping you get ready to negotiate with the world outside, on your own.


  • Backing you when you took up an offbeat profession – Your choice of career wasn’t popular with the family, but she encouraged you to become a travel writer. She even packed in a few necessities while lecturing you on safety. Be it things or words, they ended up guarding you.


  • Making you take phys-ed classes to enhance your confidence to fight back – As a kid, it was tiresome to maintain the discipline to jump, play, or even learn the ropes of martial arts. Soon you realized that your mother was basically equipping you to be confident enough to tackle the tricky world outside.


  • Using natural products for her skincare and well-being, to show you budget-friendly, safe ways to look beautiful – Your first bout of acne had you reaching for a bottled cure, but it was your mother who put the traditional haldi-chandan mixture in your hands. She was the one who made sure you cared for your skin with products that had a natural base, like Hamam soap with 100% pure neem oil.


  • Juggling career and home with patience to show you how to maintain work-life balance – By managing a work-life balance with élan, she was your beacon of all that a woman could achieve without giving up her dreams.


  • Punishing you for touching the piggy-bank to help you learn the importance of saving – When she insisted you put away part of your earnings as savings, you thought she was bringing in old world ethics into your fast paced world. It’s only years later you realized the worth of her words of wisdom.


It’s said that “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers.” Mothers cajole, scold and punish, and still hold your hand when you try to stand on your own feet. If that isn’t what God does, what is?