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Child Rights in India – Protect Yourself, Protect the Rights of Every Child

It is a grim reality for children out there. Even as you raise your children to be responsible, well-adjusted citizens of the world, you realise that the world has become a much more sinister place for children. Their innocence is being robbed by despicable acts, their rights are being trampled upon everywhere, and they are exposed to misinformation and wrong deeds at a very young age.

If there was ever a time to raise your children to be sensible and fearless citizens, that time is now. And you can be a part of the change – just as you protect yourself and your loved ones, you should strive to protect the rights of children in India.

Keep Yourself Safe – And Our Children Too

You do everything to keep yourself fit and healthy. After all, if you are sick or confined to your bed, your personal and professional lives suffer dramatically. So, you exercise regularly, eat healthy, prepare nutritious meals for the family, and also maintain high standards of personal hygiene. You use Hamam soap to keep your skin healthy – it has the goodness of neem oil to keep skin in the best condition – and try and get as much sleep as you can to keep your brain sharp and fit.

You are also careful about keeping your children healthy. Apart from their school and play, you are invested in developing their minds too. Which is why it disturbs you when you hear about cases of bullying or ragging in schools or colleges, or children being targeted by cyber criminals. You teach your children to be safe online, and try to restrict their screen time.

But there comes a time when you notice that your child is resistant to the idea of going to school. Or that they fear certain people outside the house. Or they cling to you when crossing the road. It just means that something has happened to frighten them. At this point, drop everything and talk to them gently to get to the bottom of the matter. It could be a serious issue that your intervention can set right. And your support can make your child less fearful and more confident about confiding in you.

Why Your Child Needs Your Support

Child rights are a grey area in India. Most people are unaware of what constitutes child rights in India. At the very least, child rights in India guarantee that every child shall move about freely, go out of the house without fear from anybody, and be exposed to an environment free of risk or any kind of danger.

As a parent and a responsible citizen of the country, the duty of supporting your child and ensuring that they are confident enough to face the world without fear falls on your shoulders.

But there are other children also that need your intervention. Underage children employed in bars and roadside restaurants, economically challenged children made to drop out of school to go and work with their parents, the oldest girl child in the house forced to give up her dreams so that her parents can afford to spend on her male siblings, underage children forced into child marriage…the list goes on.

Take a pledge to step in and safeguard the rights of every child in India. You can enlist police and legal help wherever necessary to get swift action whenever a child is harmed. This way, you can do a lot to save a child from a lifetime of fear and subjugation.