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5 Skin Care Tips Using Neem Oil

The skin and hair are indicators of the state of our health. Stressed, acne-ridden skin and hair that fall easily, show that the skin and scalp require strengthening and hydration. You can use the potent power of neem oil to heal both.

You can follow these simple skin care tips using neem oil in your beauty regimen:

  • Use it to eliminate acne. Neem oil has potent benefits in treating acne and pimples. It is rich in skin-friendly nutrients like Vitamin E, a range of fatty acids, antioxidants, triglycerides and limonoids, among others. Acne and pimples occur on the skin when the skin lacks hydration and essential nutrients. Excess oil and dirt may accumulate just under the surface of the skin, and in the absence of nutrients, the skin cells are unable to repair themselves and trap in required hydration. Soon, the build-up of impurities results in acne. Neem oil can help in removing acne and pimples by helping the skin cleanse itself and trap moisture.


  • Remove dandruff from the scalp. Neem oil also shows benefits in killing the microbes that cause dandruff on the scalp. If you suffer from dandruff that doesn’t respond to any treatment you may have tried thus far, you should try neem oil for hair that is free of itchy and oily dandruff. Mix raw neem oil in a base oil like coconut oil (one part neem oil to two parts coconut oil) and warm the mixture over a low flame to mix the two oils uniformly. Apply all over the scalp while the oil is warm and leave it on overnight. After a few days, you will notice less itching and healthier hair – this is the power of using neem oil for hair!


  • Keep the skin healthy. As the skin ages, it begins to lose its ability to trap moisture. This happens because the quantity of collagen (the protein that builds the skin) begins to decrease with aging, environmental effects, etc. The skin loses elasticity and begins to develop fine lines, age spots, dullness, acne, etc. Use neem oil daily to combat the effects of aging by supplying a host of nutrients to the skin. A neem oil-fortified soap like helps your skin produce more collagen, and also supplies additional nutrients to keep the skin supple, unlined and fresh.


  • Heal wounds on the skin. We have a valuable skin care tip to share with neem oil and skin wounds: neem oil shows promise in healing surface wounds and scrapes. Mix raw neem oil with a pinch of turmeric and honey, and apply it on the affected area. Wash with cool water after an hour. Do this once a day till the wound completely clears – neem oil eliminates chances of scarring and pitting of the skin as well.


  • Fight infections on the skin. Neem oil also several anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This helps in removing germs and infectious microbes on the surface of the skin. This property is useful in fighting off infectious viruses that may remain on the skin for a long time, especially those that cause Coronavirus, cold, influenza and cough. We advise washing your hands often with a neem oil soap like Hamam to keep yourself safe from infections proliferating on the skin. Do pass this skin care tip on to your friends and family members to keep them safe from the dreaded Coronavirus.


Do you like these skin care tips, and do you have any of your own to share using neem oil? Tell us about them!