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5 habits of your grandparents you should definitely copy

It’s a no-brainer that our ancestors led far healthier lives than we do.

Sure, they didn’t have the distractions of television or the internet in their time or the stress of today’s lifestyle. So, they consequently had more active and engaged lives than our sedentary ones.

There’s no way to turn back time, but there’s always time to observe our grandparents and imbibe some good habits from their lifestyle. Here are some of their habits that are worthy of being copied, especially in today’ time and age, for a better living:

Eating fresh, eating healthy: Our grandparents always advocated eating seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Locally grown veggies and cereals agree better with your system, they said, and isn’t that what nutritionists tell us today? Our elders never binged. They ate in the right quantities and at the right time. No junk food and definitely, no odd-time snacking. These are some basic habits we could easily replicate.

A more active daily lifestyle: Some of them actively practised yoga and our grandmothers’ doing their daily chores themselves made sure they had supple physiques all their lives. Most of our grandparents are still able to take long walks without getting breathless, and many, for years, have managed to beat those new-fangled lifestyle diseases born of stress and high cholesterol. Being able to squat on the floor to eat a meal, is a simple example – how many of us can still do that?

Traditional choices over chemical cosmetics: Turmeric, papaya, besan, aloe vera and a host of kitchen garden ingredients your grandma instinctively chose, have proven to be a better bet than chemically infused bottled products. Aloe and neem, which you can find in a product like the Hamam soap, were just what grandma ordered. And we all know it works!

Kitchen remedies over doctor visits: Ginger, flax seeds, and pepper – these aren’t just seasonings, our grandparents used them in their diet mindfully, especially, when health took a bad turn. These handmade remedies soothed and healed minor ailments faster and better than the doctor’s medicine!

Family first: Those strict rules to eat together kept us in sync. The family unions at festivals and weddings made sure the clan stayed together and bonded. Sharing stories were not just fun, they were the glue of society. Family values, family traditions would be lost if not for these practices.

It’s time we reconnect with who we are and where we come from.

A few simple habits of our grandparents, which we could benefit from, will go a long way in making sure we carry on the much-valued traditions. They don’t say old is gold for nothing!