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5 Activities to Indulge in During Coronavirus Lockdown

The novel Covid-19 has plunged the world into a lockdown where people are forced to stay home in order to avoid the spread of the pandemic virus. In India, we are on the brink of Stage III and to bring the matter under control in a country with a population of 1.3 billion, a 21-day Coronavirus lockdown was imposed by the Government.

Social distancing requires you to stay home at all times and stepping out only to buy the essentials for you and your family. This means spending a lot more time at home with your family. While many are working from home, but once the office hours are completed, the inevitable question arises – what to do in the free time?

If you’re stuck at home and wondering how to while away the hours due to the COVID-19 lockdown, here are five fun indoor activities we suggest:


  • Get That Makeover – No, we don’t mean, get your head shaved or try to cut your own fringes (unless these prove to be effective ways for you to stay home). If you have makeup products that you have waiting to experiment with – go for it! Were you waiting to cut your hair short? Look up online tutorials and grab those scissors! Perhaps, your closet needs a makeover so look up videos on how to create different combinations with your existing clothes or simply give away the ones that you haven’t worn in the longest time.


  • A Family That Stays Together, Exercises Together – If you are someone who found solace and peace while working out in the gym, the coronavirus lockdown can prove to be quite a difficult time for you to unwind. But look at the bright side, exercising at home provides you with a lot more space to sweat out those extra few kilos. What’s more, this is also a great opportunity to turn this into one of the fun indoor activities to do with your family! Exercising together can be a great bonding experience. To make it a little more fun and to motivate each other, make it a little competitive!


  • Sharpen Your Kitchen Skills – Did you take your shot at the Dalgona Coffee too? At this point, it’s more the ‘Quarantine Coffee’ than Korean Coffee! Having said that, it was fun to be in the kitchen, right? It’s just a few steps from jumping on the bandwagon of the latest food trends to developing your own special set of kitchen skills. Honestly, no time better than the Covid-19 lockdown to hone your knife skills and put your kitchen knowledge to test.  Maybe you can perfect your skills in cooking basic meals like dal chawal or co crazy with creativity and create something new with available ingredients!


  • Clean, Clean, Clean – Get that broom out of its dusty corner and get cleaning! How often have you looked at that chair (that has by now become the closet) and hoped to clean it one day? Well, now is that time! The home quarantine provides ample time for you to sift through that pile of clothes, shoes and accessories, and put them back in their rightful places. The more you clean and tidy up, the better sense of achievement you will experience. Not only does cleaning prove to be a great form of workout, but it is also a great stress-buster as well!


  • Learn Something New – Your ‘something new’ can range from learning to cook to learning a new language through online classes or simply joining Tiktok because why not? For all the times you wished to have more time to indulge in activities that enhance your existing skills or extend the list by doing something new, now is the time. The coronavirus lockdown gives a person ample time to pause for a few moments and better oneself in different ways.


Above all, stay home and stay safe – this should be your mantra as you look for creative ways to spend your indoor time during this COVID-19 outbreak.