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Hamam #GoSafeOutside

Hamam believes every child has the right to live brave, to thrive, to be confident when they step out to follow their ambitions and dreams. Help create a safer environment for children and raise a braver generation.

As a woman, I promise to come to the aid of any child in need of help.

To Step in.
To Stand by.
To Support.

To do all that I would expect a mother to do for her child.
Together with Hamam
I pledge to help
Every child go safe outside

About #GoSafeOutside

The Hamam brand is rooted in heritage: its promise of safety and natural ingredients works to enrich and protect our lives. The #GoSafeOutside campaign is designed to widen this promise of protection to beyond just our skin. Hamam believes in raising a braver generation that is not deterred by the miscreants of society,

one that has the strength and confidence to stand up for what is right and create a better tomorrow.

Everyday Safety


Hamam: Street Self-Defense Class #GoSafeOutside


Hamam: Stadium Self-Defense Class #GoSafeOutside


Hamam: Market Self-Defense Class #GoSafeOutside


Hamam: Theatre Self-Defense Class #GoSafeOutside


Hamam: Bus Self-Defense Class #GoSafeOutside